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Our Parish Council has the responsibility to ensure that all parishioners have a voice on issues great and small that affect them individually, and the parish as a whole.

Notice to Residents from Plumpton Parish Council

Additional housing targets for Lewes District Council (LDC)

Update 16 February 2021

 Call for Sites Map

 Updated Q&A document

Whilst the parish council is apolitical, we must operate within prevailing law and at times that can create difficulties that appear political but are not.

The government has made no secret of wanting to build more houses, and to ‘level up’ the country by not concentrating investment in the south east. Planning changes made in 2019 were intended to prevent unplanned development but appear to be having the opposite effect. Lewes District Council (LDC) had a local plan that should have provided the long-term certainty to residents that they were safe from unplanned development. That plan already puts 70 new houses in Plumpton, and they have started to be built, with 40% regarded as ‘affordable’ – LDC will acquire 8 of the 20 houses at the Oakfield site.

Now, simply because that plan reaches 5 years old in May, the carefully considered local housing need is replaced with a national calculation aimed at increasing housebuilding – for LDC that means 606 houses a year, not the 275 planned.

LDC regard that as ‘undeliverable’, but developers can now potentially exploit any shortfall to justify unplanned developments. Of course, LDC could deliver it by concreting over all the green fields in the district, but many would regard that as unsustainable.

LDC recently issued a call for land, and within Plumpton alone, sites that could extend to over 1000 houses have been identified. We are not alone, as most if not all the LDC parishes outside the national park boundary are at threat of increased development. One example is the Eton land to the east of Plumpton that has come forward, with potential for a new 3000 house rural town. This site is labelled 11PL on the LDC ‘call for sites’ map.

Whilst we would not expect all the sites across LDC to be suitable, it is regarded as important that they are assessed within a representative local need, and prioritised so that parishes can have some certainty. That is what the neighbourhood plan was supposed to achieve, and after much consultation it was passed with 80% of voters in favour.

That is why your parish council regards the Nolands development as speculative, and if brought forward before May we are assured by LDC that it will be refused again. After May, weight given to local plans may reduce, and the outcome could be different.

We accept that the site should be considered, but only as part of a new district plan, and not in isolation. Even within that new plan, we would argue strongly against any development eastward that extended beyond Sun Close as we want to retain the identity of Plumpton separate from any new town that may appear in the future.

Until LDC concludes its current land availability assessment and clarifies its housing need, we are not in a position to meaningfully consult with you on what it could mean for Plumpton. On the Nolands site, there is not yet a planning application to comment on. In the meantime, developers can directly consult with you, and we would urge you to make your voices heard again in support of the principle of plan-led development.

Please keep watching the Parish Council Website for updates to the Q&A document.

Update 30 January 2021

Given PPC is still trying to understand all the implications, and as the limitations of the current pandemic preclude any public meetings, attached is a list of some of the questions asked or anticipated to try and help you understand the situation. PPC, together with your District Councillor Rob Banks, met via Zoom with the developers, Fairfax Acquisitions Ltd., and their planning consultants Parker Dann, on Thursday 21st January.

 PPC questions answered 29th January 2021

Temporary Road Closure

 Temporary Road Closure to allow Network Rail to carry out works to renew the level crossing:

C110 Station Road, Plumpton Green – 30 metres at either side of Plumpton Level Crossing.

Works anticipated to take place from 00:45 hours on 28th March 2021 to 04:00 hours on 29th March 2021

Diversion via: C110 Plumpton Lane – B2116 Ditchling Road – A275 Cooksbridge Road – A275 Resting Oak Hill – A275 South Road – C323 Mill Lane – C323 Honeypot Lane – C6 South Road – C110 Station Road and vice versa.

Advance warning signs will be placed on site advising of actual date of works.

Changes to Bus Services

Government has asked bus operators and local transport authorities to reduce bus services to the minimum level of service necessary to support essential journeys safely. From next week there will be a number of temporary changes to bus services in East Sussex, still providing for a basic level of provision for those who still need to travel. A summary is attached. Regular updates continue to be provided on our website page:

From Monday 18 January concessionary bus pass holders in East Sussex will be able to travel for free before the usual 9.30am time restriction. This will also assist pass holders who need to travel by bus to early morning COVID-19 vaccination appointments. This temporary change to the concessionary bus scheme is expected to continue until schools fully reopen, after which buses before 9.30am are expected to be busy again.

East Sussex Highway’s Rural Tree Survey

You may already be aware of the pink/yellow/orange dots on trees on the side of the road in your area. These have been put there are part of East Sussex Highway’s rural tree survey across the entire road network of East Sussex, being carried out by a professional arb surveyor, or by one of East Sussex Highway’s team. They indicate trees with faults that have been noted and require remedial works. Trees that are being inspected may be owned by ESH or may be private. They are including in the survey any tree that may impact the highway should it fail. If a tree is privately owned, the owner will be contacted as soon as possible with details of the tree(s) and a time-frame for the work to be completed. The remedial works may be as low-key as severing ivy or removing overhanging limbs. However, if the tree is in a critical condition such as being dead or showing signs of internal decay (fungal fruiting bodies), then the required work may be to remove large sections or entire tree.

Information for residents  – Covid-19 testing centre at the racecourse

Many will have seen a new drive-through coronavirus testing facility is now open at Plumpton Racecourse as part of the Government’s UK drive to improve the accessibility of coronavirus testing for communities.

This new site will be operated by Sodexo and testing started this afternoon 2nd October.

ESCC has issued the following

Notice for Residents

Press release

Plumpton – Gateway to the Downs

Poster of picture which features on front page of Plumpton Walks booklet. It is a picture of a field of sheep and has the words PLUMPTON Gateway to the Downs written at the bottom of the poster

A2 posters, £10 each.
As advertised in the Walk Plumpton booklet on sale at the Village Shop.
If you’d like a poster, email or ring 01273 890 219.

Skatepark Reopens

Skatepark reopened 21st May 2020


Current government advice:

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (but only if you cannot work from home).
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people.
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

You can spread the virus even if you don’t have symptoms.

Remember, this advice is there not only to reduce the spread of the virus but also to protect NHS resources.

For up to date information please see

Coronavirus Support Group

If you are able to help others or need help please contact the Plumpton and East Chiltington Coronavirus Support Group (email: or the Parish Council.

If you know an older person who is concerned about leaving the house, make sure you:

  • Stay in touch over the phone.
  • See if they need any help shopping.
  • Encourage them to stay active in the house.

If older members of the public have concerns about anything else, including welfare, care or housing, they can contact Age UK’s free advice line, 8am-7pm, 7 days a week: 0800 055 6112

Follow this link for more information about the Plumpton and East Chiltington Coronavirus Support Group. 

Village Hall and Pavilion Closed

Update 1 July 2020: Following the Government’s announcement last week that only two households up to a maximum of 30 from both households can meet indoors, the Parish Council have made the decision to keep the Village Hall and Pavilion closed until further guidance is received.  The Parish Council has a duty of care both to the users but more importantly to its employees.

Petition Improve Road Safety on the B2116

On Tuesday 7th January a coach carrying students home from Plumpton College was the latest vehicle to crash into the nearby field at this location. This is the same location as previous accidents on this part of the road and action needs to be taken by the County Council before lives are lost. District Councillor Rob Banks has set up a petition at:

Crisp Packet Recycling

Collect crisp packets to raise funds for the Kent, Sussex, and Surrey Air Ambulance

Recycle Schemes in support of AAKSS – Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex

Proposed Gypsy and Traveller Site

Update 29th December 2019

Further to the Local Plan Part 2 Hearing in public last April 2019, the Inspectors report is now released and is available here :-

Inspector’s Final Report December 2019pdf

pdf   Inspector’s Final Report Appendix December 2019

blue badge logoBlue Badges

County Councillor Sarah Osborne reported at the last Parish Council meeting that people with less visible disabilities can now apply for blue badge.  To see if you qualify please click on the following link

Pavilion Refurbishment

EU Logo with the following text: The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing in rural areas
Leader Logo
We’ve just completed the Pavilion refurbishment, which has given us a substantial upgrade of the facilities.

The refurbishment was part-funded by a LEADER grant from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (£49k), and the remainder from our New Pavilion Fund (£28k) and the Parish Council (£7.5k).

With many thanks to Des Lambert, who helped us navigate the grant application process, and to parish councillor Emma Elford, who led renovation programme, got the grants, liaised with everyone involved.

The refurbishment has included:

  • removal of the old kitchen to open up the space
  • re-positioning of a new  kitchen and utility room into the old committee room
  • recovering of the floor throughout
  • reconfiguring of the changing rooms
  • increased storage facilities
  • substantial replacing of rotten timbers throughout the infrastructure
  • replacement of multiple doors
  • replacement of window glass
  • part installation of new composite cladding and sofits
  • substantial re-plastering work throughout
  • roof repair.

Steve Bodsworth was the contractor. We owe him many thanks for doing a fantastic job to a very high standard and completing on time.

As with all building jobs, we found some unexpected problems along the way that Steve responded to quickly, which allowed us to keep on schedule.

Now the work is complete, it has highlighted other parts of the facility that are looking a bit tired. Plumpton Parish Council will be costing further work to maintain this valued facility within a long-term preventative maintenance programme.  We’ll provide further details in due course, later this year.

Site Updates

16 February

Update to Additional housing targets for Lewes District Council – see left hand side of homepage.

pdf Minutes from Parish Council meeting on 9 February

11 February

Temporary Road Closure at level Crossing. Works anticipated to take place from 00:45 hours on 28th March 2021 to 04:00 hours on 29th March 2021.

Agenda for Village Hall Committee meeting on 16.2.2021

2 February

pdf Agenda and papers for Parish Council meeting on 9.2.2021

 Plumpton & East Chiltington News – February (large file 6.6 MB)

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