Plumpton Parish Council

Plumpton Parish Council

Our Parish Council has the responsibility to ensure that all parishioners have a voice on issues great and small that affect them individually, and the parish as a whole.

Joint letter to Michael Gove, Secretary of State

Plumpton Parish Council has recently received a response to the joint letter sent to Secretary of State Michael Gove on 8th of January. 

Despite the planning policy changes suggested in the Queen’s speech on 10th May, it remains the case that the standard method is the starting point for need, which is hugely contentious being purely a statistical device that is based on historic data rather than current and future and does nothing to achieve the truly affordable homes required to sustain rural communities.

 We remain unclear what is meant by phrases like “We would emphasise that Local Housing Need does not set a target for the number of homes to be built. Local authorities decide their own housing requirement once they have considered their ability to meet their own needs in their area.” as it contradicts the preceding statement that the standard method defines need, and there is clear ministerial advice that the standard method is a minimum that planning authorities are free to exceed. It is the standard method that is forcing Lewes District Council to have to consider large developments on greenfield sites such as the Eton College land in East Chiltington. 

 Response from Secretary of State

 Letter to the Secretary of State 

Plumpton Full Fibre Broadband

Have you ever wondered whether you could get a better broadband service in Plumpton? With full fibre broadband being rolled out across the country it’s now possible to upgrade to a much faster and more reliable service for the village. Under the Community Fibre Partnership scheme every household in the village is eligible for vouchers to help meet the cost of installation. The more people who commit to joining the scheme the better the chances fibre can be fully funded.

Please see more details here:

 Plumpton Full Fibre Broadband

 PPC broadband FAQ v1.1 

Update for Residents from Plumpton Parish Council on Additional housing targets for Lewes District Council (LDC)

Update 8th September 2021

The LDC Issues and Options consultation period has now expired. Please see the final Parish Council response here:-
LDC have also issued a document to help explain what ‘local housing need’ is and  justify (in their view) why the new higher housing need number is being used as a basis for the new Local Plan. The paper is available here:- 314415.pdf (


Pavilion Refurbishment

We’ve just completed the Pavilion refurbishment, which has given us a substantial upgrade of the facilities.

The refurbishment was part-funded by a LEADER grant from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (£49k), and the remainder from our New Pavilion Fund (£28k) and the Parish Council (£7.5k).

With many thanks to Des Lambert, who helped us navigate the grant application process, and to parish councillor Emma Elford, who led renovation programme, got the grants, liaised with everyone involved.

The refurbishment has included:

  • removal of the old kitchen to open up the space
  • re-positioning of a new  kitchen and utility room into the old committee room
  • recovering of the floor throughout
  • reconfiguring of the changing rooms
  • increased storage facilities
  • substantial replacing of rotten timbers throughout the infrastructure
  • replacement of multiple doors
  • replacement of window glass
  • part installation of new composite cladding and sofits
  • substantial re-plastering work throughout
  • roof repair.

Steve Bodsworth was the contractor. We owe him many thanks for doing a fantastic job to a very high standard and completing on time.

As with all building jobs, we found some unexpected problems along the way that Steve responded to quickly, which allowed us to keep on schedule.

Now the work is complete, it has highlighted other parts of the facility that are looking a bit tired. Plumpton Parish Council will be costing further work to maintain this valued facility within a long-term preventative maintenance programme.  We’ll provide further details in due course, later this year.