Plumpton Parish Council

Pandemic (Covid 19) Health And Safety Policy

Plumpton Parish Council have adopted the following policy to ensure the safety of all members of the public and its staff who enter the Village Hall. This policy runs in conjunction with our regular health and safety policy.

The Village Hall will only be available to hire if the Parish Council deem it is safe for the public to enter and will close the building if they feel the public’s safety would be compromised.

Social distancing, as per the Government’s latest guidelines, must be followed at all times. Markers are in place to help and remind members of the public of the required distance needed. The principle Hirer must ensure that they have read the Governments website, be up to date with these and be satisfied that their function can go ahead safely with these in place.

Members of the public and staff must ensure they use the hand sanitiser as they enter the building to help stop the spread of the disease. There are two hand sanitizing stations one in the entrance hall and one by the kitchen door.

Regular hand washing should be adopted. Signage is in place to remind people of the importance of this along with other appropriate Covid-19 signs. Hand dryers will not be available, hand towels will be provided instead.

Anyone who has any symptoms or who has been in contact with someone who they suspect to have symptoms must not enter the building but follow the Governments guidelines on isolation.

Anyone who has been in the building and develops symptoms within 21 days must inform the Village Hall Manager or the Parish Clerk immediately, plus the main lead from your group.

Any person who falls ill while in the building will be expected to wait in a designated isolation area, away from others, until they can be taken home safely or collected by the emergency services. Any area/item this person has been in contact with will be disinfected as per Government guidelines and the Hall closed until the PC is convinced there is no risk to the public.

PPE should be worn where necessary, in accordance to Government guidelines.

The Council has adopted a strict cleaning policy, this can be found in the H&S folder in the kitchen, the cleaning rota is available on request.

Rooms hired will be cleaned and touch spots disinfected before the rooms are re-hired.

All persons entering the building must only touch items and access areas which are necessary.

A one-way system will be in place and must be adhered to.

Items to be used by groups/clubs brought into the building must be sanitised before entry and after use.

Persons should only use the rooms they hired and ensure others stay in the hired area. Other areas will be locked where ever possible.

Doors should be propped open where possible to limit touch spots.

Chairs, tables and all other items used must be left neatly stacked to one side at the end of your session so they can be disinfected before reused. Any crockery used must be washed and stacked on the side by either hatch. Only items which have been requested on the hire form can be used. These will be sanitised and be made available by the Village Hall Manager so as to limit the contamination of items.

Where ever possible hirers should bring their own personal items i.e. water bottles, hand sanitiser, tissues.

All bins must be emptied, bagged, securely tied and placed in the bin area. We request that one nominated person from your group does this to limit movement.

Deliveries will be left outside the Hall or outside the Village Hall Managers house, by prior arrangement only. Delivery persons will not be expected to enter the building. Items will be sanitised before entering the Hall and external packaging disposed of as per Government guidelines.

Any potential risks must be reported to the Parish Clerk or Village Hall Manager.

This policy will be reviewed annually or if Government guidelines change.

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