Plumpton Parish Council

Markup Validation Services


Representative sample of webpages to be tested:

 Date of Test: May 2020

 The website is a WordPress site created using the Divi theme and builder from Elegant Themes. Using WordPress and the Divi theme and Divi builder makes a site very quick and easy to create, but also removes access to huge parts of the coding.

 I have run the webpage samples through an the W3 Markup Validation Checker.

There are a few errors on a couple of pages, all of them orphan </p> tags. I do not think they will break the site easily and I cannot fix them as I have not got access to the part of the pages which contains the errors.

There are lots of warnings, nearly all of them unnecessary type attribute for Java Script Resources. Again, these will not break the site and I cannot fix them.

The table on the Village Hall page is using an obsolete tag, summary. I have left the summary tag as it will not harm to have it there. In addition, I have made sure that the table headings are marked as headings which will ensure that a screen reader can interpret the table appropriately.

Another warning is the fact that I should consider only using H1 as a top level heading only. This has been thrown up by several of the assessments and I will ensure that all headings are used appropriately.