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IT Accessibility Checklist & Tutorial from University of Washington


Representative sample of webpages to be tested:

Date of Test: May 2020

This website from the University of Washington offers an easy checklist with tutorials to test accessibility of websites.

Issue Page Problems Fix
Do images have alternative text All Pdf logos have not got consistent alt text Will make sure that all pdf logos have same alt text from now on
Homepage None
Documents None
Parish Council Meetings None
Village Hall Table with pricing not explained properly Have added that people can contact the village hall administrator for more information
Contact us None
Does video have captions and does audio have a transcript? All n/a
Does the web page or document include headings, lists, ARIA landmarks, and other semantic elements to communicate document structure? All The site has headings, lists, and ARIA landmarks.

The site presents some date in tables. Village hall hiring prices are in a table. This would be difficult to do in another way.

Meeting info, i.e. date, time, venue, agenda, other docs and minutes are presented in a table. Not sure this is appropriate

Will investigate ARIA landmarks

Will investigate if meeting tables could be done in a more appropriate way

Will investigate if tables are properly annotated, using caption, identifying column and row headers.

Is the tab order and read order logical and intuitive? All Yes
Do form fields within web pages and documents have appropriately coded labels and prompts? All n/a
Have you avoided using visual characteristics to communicate information (e.g., “click the circle on the right” or “required fields are in red”)? All n/a
Does the interface have sufficient contrast between text colour and background colour? All Yes
Does the content scale well when text is enlarged up to 200 percent? All Yes
Does the web page or document have a title that describes its topic or purpose? All No In the meeting section, documents are labelled, minutes etc. They should be given their full name