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Google Accessibility Checker


 Representative sample of webpages to be tested:

 Date of Test: May 2020

Aria Labels

The Google Accessibility Checker threw up the issue of Aria Labels. It appears that WordPress/Divi does use Aria labels, but it is code that is not obviously accessible to me as a web designer. I do not think the current use of Aria labels on the site is going to break the accessibility of the site, but I will look into how I can control Aria labels in the site when it is next redesigned.

Colour Contrast

  • Insufficient contrast when hovering over menu items, they go pale.
  • Insufficient contrast between link text and grey background
  • Insufficient contrast between text in table header and blue background
  • Insufficient contrast between text in tables and grey background


  • Links should be more distinguishable from other text. Solution is to make links darker and bolder.
  • Links cannot contain just single words (apart from in menus). Change links to be more descriptive.


Headings need to be changed – only one H1 per page. Currently corona virus support group is H3 but Covid-19 is H2. Solution is to tidy headings to make them consistent.