Plumpton Parish Council

Village Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire

  1. For the purpose of these conditions’ ‘hirer’ shall mean individual hirer or where the hirer is an organisation its authorised representative.
  2. ‘Premises’ shall mean all or part of the Village Hall, its car park and Village Green that is the subject of the booking.
  3. All booking applications shall be made using the standard form to the Manager:

Mrs Jane Donovan

18 Riddens Lane

Plumpton Green

BN7 3BH         07747 050903

  1. The Village Hall’s open hours are:

Monday to Saturday   8am to 12.00am 

Sunday                        8am to 8.30pm   

New Year’s Eve           8am to 1.30pm  

30 minutes is included in these times to permit clearing up and vacating of the premises. If the hirer wishes to use the premises outside these hours then they must contact the Manager to discuss any necessary licence requirements. Bookings must state the approximate starting and finishing time of the event and allow time for any required setting up and clearing away.

  1. Regular Hirers are responsible for obtaining the correct Public Liability Insurance and must produce this on request.
  2. Bookings will be confirmed in writing by the Manager
  3. Bookings for parties, family celebrations, discos and dances will require a deposit of £100 submitted with the application form. The full balance will be required at least seven days before the event. The deposit will be refunded in full after the event providing that no damage has occurred to the fabric of the building and its furnishings.
  4. Provisional bookings will be held for 10 working days or longer at the Manager’s discretion.
  5. Cancellations must be made in writing to the Manager.
  6. A charge of 50% of the hire fee will be made if a booking is cancelled less than four weeks before the event unless it is possible to rehire the premises.
  7. Bookings made and not cancelled will be subject to full payment.
  8. Accounts are rendered at the end of the month. The Parish Council reserves the right to charge interest on accounts unpaid after one calendar month from their becoming due.
  9. No bookings will be accepted from hirers less than 21 years of age. Bookings for events for those less than 21 years of age where alcohol may be consumed must be made by a responsible parent/guardian or officer of a named organisation who will remain on the premises throughout the event.
  10. Hirers are responsible for nominating a responsible person as Fire Marshall.
    1. The Fire Marshall must ensure all persons within the group are aware of the fire assembly point and how to exit the building in the event of an emergency.
    2. It is the Fire Marshalls responsibility to phone the emergency services and co-ordinate the evacuation of the building.
    3. The Fire Marshall must be in possession of a mobile phone as the Village Hall does not have an active phone line.
  11. Hirers for organised events and activities for children must have in place a Child Protection/Safeguarding policy. The Manager reserves the right to inspect or request a copy of this.
  12. Children must be supervised at all times whilst on the premises.
  13. The Parish Council reserves the right not to accept any booking.
  14. The Parish Council reserves the right to cancel a booking in certain circumstances for example should the premises be required as a Polling Station or if the premises are damaged so as to render them unfit for hire. The Hirer will be notified as soon as is practicable and any payments refunded. No compensation payments will be made. Hirers are advised to take out insurance to cover themselves in case of this occurring.
  15. The premises are licensed by Lewes District Council for the consumption of alcohol and public entertainment subject to the following provisions:
  • If the hirer wishes to serve, but not sell, alcohol at an event no additional licence is required
  • If the hirer wishes to sell alcohol from the bar in the Hall for an event with consumption either in or outside the Hall no additional licence is required. However, they must obtain authorisation from the Designated Premises Supervisor – details/form available from the Manager. This may also be subject to the Parish Council’s own regulations as to use of the Village Green and hirers must check they are able to comply with these.
  • If alcohol is to be sold from a bar situated on the Village Green, then a Temporary Event Notice must be obtained from Lewes District Council and a copy supplied to the Manager prior to the event.
  • A Temporary Event Notice must be obtained for any licensable event held on the Village Green. Guidelines are available from Lewes District Council.

       Lewes District Council Licensing –  01273 484354

  1. The Parish Council holds a joint PPL/PRS Licence for the premises. Hirers are required to notify the Manager if they are to use live or recorded music at their event. Hirers are responsible for obtaining any other required music/performance licences for their event.
  2. Any music making equipment must be on the stage. Music is not to be played at the west end of the main hall. The doors of the main hall must remain closed during the event.
  3. Hirers must not exceed the safety number for people allowed in the building
  4. The Hall’s insurance policy is available for inspection on request to the Parish Clerk
  5. Any electrical equipment which the Hirer brings onto the premises remains their own responsibility and Hirers must arrange insurance and PAT testing of their own equipment.
  6. Any items stored at the Hall by the hirer for the sole use of that particular club or society and that does not belong to the Parish Council do so at their own risk and is not covered by the Parish Council’s insurance.
  7. Hirers must notify the Manager of any damage to the fabric of the building or any faulty or damaged equipment.
  8. Hirers must not take any furniture outside.
  9. Hirers must complete an accident record should an accident occur on the premises.
  10. No hirer shall use the premises or permit them to be used in such a manner as to cause nuisance damage disturbance inconvenience and annoyance to the owners of adjacent properties. No users are permitted to be outside the Hall at an event after 10 pm.
  11. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  12. Hirers will observe and comply with fire safety notices on the premises.
  13. Hirers will adhere to the Health and Safety recommendations in the Health and Safety folder, which can be found in the kitchen far Right-Hand Side.
  14. Hirers are not to attach anything to the curtains in the building which will affect them as blackout curtains.
  15. Hirers are required to sanitise all areas and touch spots used. Sweep and mop floors so that the Hall is left in an acceptable state for the next hirer.
  16. The Principal Hirer is responsible for completing and signing the cleaning rota.
  17. Hirers are required to check that all rooms accessed plus kitchen and toilets, are clean and tidy before leaving and remove all rubbish to the bin area.
  18. Hirers are required to remove all recycling or use the recycling bins provided.
  19. NO NUTS Allowed due to the serious effect they can have on members of the public with nut allergies.
    1. Packets of all nuts are banned.
    2. Prepared foods (eg Walnut cake, Cakes with marzipan and all other foods containing nuts must be clearly labelled as containing nuts and specify the nut type(s).
  20. Hirers must ensure that they have read the Pandemic H&S policy as we as all other policies found in the H&S folder, ensuring they are adhered to at all times.
  21. These Terms and Conditions are subject to any statutory or other regulations and restrictions that the Parish Council is required to impose.

Plumpton Parish Council

May 2021