Plumpton Parish Council

Plumpton Parish Council

Our Parish Council has the responsibility to ensure that all parishioners have a voice on issues great and small that affect them individually, and the parish as a whole.

Casual Vacancies

There are casual vacancies for the Parish Council.

pdf Casual Vacancy Notice

Proposed Gypsy and Traveller Site

Update 15th July 2019

Following our meeting with LDC officials on the 5th July, we have put in a written request for LDC to respond formally to questions that have been raised by parishioners and have not yet been answered.  

The questions can be seen here:-

pdfQuestions to LDC Planning Policy Team

The Parish Council recognises that the LDC Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2) covers far more than just the GT01 policy that directly impacts Plumpton. We also acknowledge that LDC has an obligation to meet any local need for a travellers site by identifying deliverable sites for planning. However, the Parish Council remain opposed to GT01 in practice, and once accepted as part of LPP2, we fear the opportunity for anyone to object will be diminished.  The Parish Council will be responding to the consultation (see previous update) to re-state our objections.

Update 8th July 2019

As anticipated in our previous update, the consultation on Lewes District Local Plan Part 2 Main Modifications opened today and runs from 8 Jul 2019 to 19 Aug 2019 at 23:59 .  We have been advised that although all responses will be read, the consultation is on the main modifications only. So unless new evidence has come to light since the hearing in public held last April, comments should focus on the modifications only.

The easiest way to submit comments is via the LDC website, where you can comment on each Main Modification separately. The two consultation documents can also be found and downloaded on the same webpage:

A report on the meeting held between LDC planning officials and the Parish Council on the 5th July will be issued after the PC meeting scheduled for tomorrow 9th July


Update 29th June 2019

Planning inspector continues to include GT01 in the Local Plan Part 2.

Despite the many legitimate planning objections raised by the parish council, by residents, our district and county councillors and by many others the planning inspector has continued to include GT01 in the Local Plan Part 2.

Whilst we await the formal report from the examiner, LDC has published (as part of the upcoming council cabinet meeting on 1st July) preliminary findings that show minor modifications to GT01 relating to a typo and the addition of a condition to connect to mains sewerage. Whilst these modifications may be subject to further amendment via the cabinet, the Parish Council remains very concerned over the implications of any potential development of the site north of the brickworks and has again registered those concerns in writing with LDC. In addition and with help from Rob Banks as our district councillor, we have arranged a meeting with senior LDC planning officials. We will issue a further communication after that meeting.

In summary, we continue to object on various grounds relating to:

  • Development precedent – the site clearly should not be developable according to LDC’s own published strategic documents.
  • Neighbourhood Plan – the site is not consistent with our plan.
  • Statutory obligations – we have received no meaningful answers on various points of planning and wider law. The examination response from LDC that the site is ‘an improvement on existing traveller sites’ seems to fall short of requirements in planning, housing and equality law.

The next stage will be a further public consultation period, which we understand could start as soon as 8th July – The Parish Council will obviously respond to that on your behalf. Subsequent to that, further options such as a judicial review may need to be considered.

The proposed modifications to GT01 can be found here in Appendix 3 from page 32:
pdf    LPP2 – Main modifications for consultation – Appendix 3

The council thanks Rob for notifying us of the LDC cabinet meeting agenda and for his continued support. The full set of papers for the Cabinet meeting can be found here:

Further details in due course.

Follow this link for more information about the proposed gypsy and traveller site.

Grass Cutting Schedule

Please be advised that the first grass cutting will take place on 5 April.

pdf Grass Cutting Schedule 2019

Environmental Policy

The Parish Council have adopted an environmental policy for its activities.  Further actions will be determined for the Village Hall, Playing Fields & Pavilion in due course.  Any comments will be appreciated and incorporated into an annual review of the policies in May.

pdf document Plumpton Parish Council Environmental Policy adopted Jan 2019

Pavilion Refurbishment

EU with info Logo
Leader Logo

We’ve just completed the Pavilion refurbishment, which has given us a substantial upgrade of the facilities.

The refurbishment was part-funded by a LEADER grant from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (£49k), and the remainder from our New Pavilion Fund (£28k) and the Parish Council (£7.5k).

With many thanks to Des Lambert, who helped us navigate the grant application process, and to parish councillor Emma Elford, who led renovation programme, got the grants, liaised with everyone involved.

The refurbishment has included:

  • removal of the old kitchen to open up the space
  • re-positioning of a new  kitchen and utility room into the old committee room
  • recovering of the floor throughout
  • reconfiguring of the changing rooms
  • increased storage facilities
  • substantial replacing of rotten timbers throughout the infrastructure
  • replacement of multiple doors
  • replacement of window glass
  • part installation of new composite cladding and sofits
  • substantial re-plastering work throughout
  • roof repair.

Steve Bodsworth was the contractor. We owe him many thanks for doing a fantastic job to a very high standard and completing on time.

As with all building jobs, we found some unexpected problems along the way that Steve responded to quickly, which allowed us to keep on schedule.

Now the work is complete, it has highlighted other parts of the facility that are looking a bit tired. Plumpton Parish Council will be costing further work to maintain this valued facility within a long-term preventative maintenance programme.  We’ll provide further details in due course, later this year.

Site Updates

16 July

pdf Minutes from Finance Committee meeting on 9 July

15 July

Proposed Gypsy and Traveller Site Update 15th July 2019. See left.

8th July

Proposed Gypsy and Traveller Site – Update 8th July 2019. See left hand side of this page.

4th July

pdf Agenda  for Parish Council Meeting 9th July

pdfAgenda Finance Committee Meeting 9th July

29 June

Proposed Gypsy and Traveller Site – Update 29th June 2019. See left hand side of this page.

pdf Minutes from King George V Playing Field and Pavilion Committee meeting on 12 June

pdf Minutes from Village Hall Committee meeting on 4 February

17 June

pdf Agenda for Village Hall Committee meeting on 19 June

pdf Minutes from Finance Committee meeting on 11 June

pdf Minutes from Parish Council meeting on 11 June

pdf Minutes from APM on 21 May

powerpoint_logo Plastics Environment talk from APM on 21 May

6 June

pdfAgenda for Finance Committee meeting on 11 June

pdf Agenda for Parish Council meeting on 11 June

pdf Agenda for Playing Field meeting on 12 June

21 May

pdf Casual Vacancy Notice

pdf Minutes from Parish Council Meeting on 14 May

pdf Minutes from Annual Statutory Meeting on 14 May

20 May

Annual Parish meeting and Playpark updates – see left.

14 May

pdf APM Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting on 21 May

Community Infrastructure Levy:

pdf SDNPA Parish CIL Reporting Form 2018-2019

pdf CIL spend report Plumpton Parish Council year ended 31st March 2019

11 May

Playpark is now open again – except for the sandpit. See left for more details

8 May

Playpark temporarily closed (see left)

pdf Agenda for Parish Council Meeting on 14 May

pdf Agenda for Annual Statutory Meeting on 14 May

29 april

pdf Minutes from Finance Committee meeting on 9 April

pdf Minutes from Parish Council meeting on 9 April

pdf Internal Audit Report to 31.3.2019

pdf Notice of Public Rights 2019

pdf PPC AGAR 2018-2019

23 April

pdf Agenda for Planning Committee meeting on 7 May

10 april

pdf Minutes from Planning Committee meeting on 9 April

3 April

Please be advised that the first grass cutting will take place on 5 April.

pdf Grass Cutting Schedule 2019

pdf Agenda for Parish Council meeting on 9 April

pdfAgenda for Finance Committee meeting on 9 April

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