Plumpton Parish Council

Plumpton Parish Council

Our Parish Council has the responsibility to ensure that all parishioners have a voice on issues great and small that affect them individually, and the parish as a whole.

Plumpton Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Land at Nolands Farm

Most residents will have received a leaflet from Fairfax informing them about a proposed development on the site of Nolands Farm.

We want to clarify that this site is not recommended for development in the draft Neighbourhood Plan. We considered it, and rejected it in favour of the sites we have chosen, for reasons that are spelled out in the Site Assessment report on the NP website. Primarily, our view was that the proposed density of housing on the site, and the size of the development itself, was not in keeping with the rural nature of the village, and much larger than the pockets of max 20 houses that residents have said they prefer.

The Oakfield and Glebe sites, while together amounting to 40 houses, are spread out at lower density and provision will be made for landscape buffering and preservation of natural features and wildlife corridors and habitats. Inclusion in the plan policies means both Oakfield and Glebe will be capped at 20 units each. We also know these sites will not be developed at the same time – unlike Nolands

If Fairfax proceed to apply for planning permission, the application will  be considered by Lewes District Council on its own merits, as our Neighbourhood Plan is not yet at a stage where it will carry weight.

If the Nolands site is given planning permission, these houses will be in addition to, not instead of the sites in the Neighbourhood Plan. We cannot substitute for other sites as the recommended sites are already allocated for development in the LDC development plan, and will be given planning permission regardless of whether they are in the NP or not. Our hope is that we can challenge the proposal through the usual planning routes.

The Parish Council met with Fairfax earlier in the year and has kept their agent informed on the Plumpton Neighbourhood Plan progress. It’s disappointing therefore that we were not informed that they were pursuing this path. We would however urge residents to go to the Fairfax open meeting to find out more about the proposals and discover what future plans Fairfax have for the site given one of the earlier plans shared with the Parish Council was for 96 units.

Site Updates

pdf Minutes from Village Hall Committee Meeting on 19 July

13 September

pdf Residents Part C Responses to Draft Neighbourhood Plan

pdf Minutes from Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting on 4 September

5 September

pdf Agenda for Parish Council Meeting on 12 September

pdf Agenda for Finance Committee meeting on 12 September

pdf Agenda for King George V Playing Field and Pavilion Committee meeting on 13 September

30 August

pdf Agenda for Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting on 4 September


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