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Our Parish Council, consisting of nine elected members, has the responsibility to ensure that all Parishioners have a 'voice' in the public forum on subjects both 'great and small' which affect them individually or the Village as a whole.

Level Crossing

At the planning committee meeting on 19 November, after vigorous debate involving a few members of the public it was resolved unanimously to support Network Rail's application to install new barriers on a strictly temporary basis to facilitate re-opening the road at the earliest opportunity.

By a majority of four against one, the separate application to install the barriers on a permanent basis was not supported.

The first application will be decided by LDC officers under delegated powers and the second will be considered by LDC planning committee in the New Year.

Letter from Department of Transport

pdf document Letter from Department of Transport 13 November 2015

Railway Crossing Update

Parish councillors met with Network Rail representatives on Tuesday (3rd) and were shown the old crossing gate workings and the new signalling system. Network Rail explained that the old mechanism is not only very fragile but that it lacks any back-up safety mechanism should any one part of it fail, and so no contractor is willing even to attempt to repair it for continued use, because of liability issues.

Network Rail has submitted two new planning applications to Lewes District Council. The applications are identical but the first, to be heard late November/early December, would allow them to temporarily replace the old gates with the new barriers, in order to open the crossing. The second, scheduled for January, would allow them to permanently replace the old gates with the new barriers.

The Parish Council Planning Committee will be meeting towards the end of November to discuss the new applications. We’ll publicise the date of the meeting, which will be open to the public, as soon as this is confirmed.

One piece of good news is that Network Rail no longer plans to clad the redundant signal box with steel shuttering to protect the windows and that they will maintain it as a working building.

Disability access while the crossing is closed

Network Rail has confirmed that a free taxi service is available for people with disabilities who are unable to use the pedestrian crossing over the railway while the gates are closed. If anyone with personal mobility problems requires assistance getting from one side of the station to the other, for example to attend medical appointments, they should contact Dawn Reynolds on 07739 778472, ideally two working days in advance.

parking logoTemporary Parking at Racecourse

Due to the ongoing closure of the railway crossing, Plumpton Racecourse Ltd has kindly offered, on a temporary basis, free car parking in its car park close to the western end of the station for any residents of Plumpton arriving from south of the railway crossing. This is just for the duration of the closure of the level crossing.

Any residents using this car park should park safely and considerately and be aware that access is needed to the Atkins site in this car park.

The Parish Council is grateful for the provision of this temporary facility.

This facility is not available on race days.

Law iconLegal Helpline for Businesses Affected by the Road Closure in Plumpton

pdf document Legal Helpline for Businesses Affected by the Road Closure in Plumpton

The Parish Council Facebook page has been re-created

Please "Like" our new Facebook page:

We were locked out of the old account and we don't know why; we are working with former councillors to try to delete it. We have now created a page that should be easier for us to manage too, and pass on to new councillors. We look forward to welcoming you to our new page.

Bus service 166

We have recently received an update from East Sussex County Council regarding the bus service arrangements whilst the road is closed.

As service 166 cannot run to its normal timetable and route, it was agreed that the through journeys to/from Haywards Heath would serve the section of route north of the railway line (turning at the Station) and that a special 166 shuttle service run between Lewes and Plumpton College at the standard 166 bus times to link those at the southern end of the parish to/from Lewes and, indeed, provide access to Plumpton College.

Due to subsequent decisions by Lewes District Council and Network Rail, the crossing is now shut into the medium term. Network Rail have confirmed that they will fund the 166 shuttle bus for a period of three months, if required. This will take us to 8 January 2016.

Letter from the Police and Crime Commissioner

pdf document Do you wish to pay more Council Tax to save some of the police services facing the axe? See the Police and Crime Commissioners letter

Lewes District - Changes to bus services November 2015 updated

pdf documentChanges to bus services November 2015

Family Learning Programme of Courses for the Lewes Cluster Children’s Centres

pdf documentLewes Children's Centres Programme Autumn 2015

pdf documentAdult Learning Courses 2015-2016


pdf documentInvitation to join one of four events they are holding to involve local people in the planning and delivery of their work programme


Healthwatch in East Sussex want to hear about your experiences of healt and social case services. See pdf below for information on how to provide feedback.

pdf documentHealthwatch East Sussex Feedback

Bus Service Firle Beacon to Ditchling Beacon Via Lewes – Plumpton – Burgess Hill – Keymer - Ditchling

pdf document131 Firle Beacon to Ditchling Beacon

pdf document131 Ditchling Beacon to Firle Beacon

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Disability access while the crossing is closed - see column to the left

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Update from Lewis District Council

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pdf document Legal Helpline for Businesses Affected by the Road Closure in Plumpton

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