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Our Parish Council, consisting of nine elected members, has the responsibility to ensure that all Parishioners have a 'voice' in the public forum on subjects both 'great and small' which affect them individually or the Village as a whole.

Neighbourhood PlanNeighbourhood Plan Poster

All information about the Neighbourhood Plan, the consultation and any supporting documents like the response form can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan website:

Neighbourhood Plan Website

pdf document Plumpton Parish Neighbourhood Plan

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21 September

pdf document Minutesfrom Parish Council meeting on 13 September

pdf logo Agendafor Village Hall Committee meeting on 27 September

pdf logo Minutesfrom Finance Committee meeting on 13 September

pdf logo Agendafor Planning Committee Meeting on 26 September

pdf document Minutesfrom Planning Committee Meeting on 13 September

pdf logo Minutesfrom Village Hall User Group Meeting on 13 June


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